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Drink - Nitro - Icelatte

ZoZozial Cold Brew Bag in box, is the fast way of serving Cold Brew in consistant high quality – Infuse with nitro, add water or milk for a delicious drink, pour over icecreame or make the most fantastic icelatte – or use it wherever you want a fantastic coffee taste.


Cold Brew counter unit dispenser

In cooperation with Micro Matic® – marked leader in beverage dispensing – ZoZozial Cold Brew has developed a bag in box solution for Nitro dispensing.

10 ltr. BIB for Nitro or Black

The 10 liter box for dispensing on an automatic dispenser like Nitro or still.



ZoZozial Cold Brew can be delivered in a 10 l. box for dispensing together with juice and milk.

Cold Brew dispenser for exixting solution

Cold Brew dispenser for Nitro or still can be built in the bar or integrate in existing beer dispensing systems.


BIB 10 & 3 liter.

Bag In Box solutions for manual or automatic dispensing – to ensure a high food safety and shelf life we fill the Cold Brew aseptic.

Nitro Coldbrew

With the ZoZozial Coldbrew bag in box you can serve tastefull consistant high quality Nitro Cold Brew.